Focus on Like-Minded Individuals

The business world is full of people with unique personalities and interests. One way to ensure your success in the future is to find a client with a similar personality and goals as your own. In doing so, you are showing the client that you are interested in forming a lasting relationship.

When the initial sale or project has ended, let the client know that you are keeping her in mind in the event that another similar opportunity should arise in the future. Also let the client know when something new comes along, as this will help to keep the lines of communication open between you two, even if the client does not take on the new opportunity or offer.

How we do it: One of our core business practices is to make sure that the clients we work with align with our business beliefs. The Do Not Hire Us page is the perfect example of who we are and the types of clients we work with. We want to put all of that out there from the get-go and we’ve found that our clients love it. We get more compliments and opening dialogs because of that one simple page. People are drawn like a magnet to like minded people.