4 Tips for Freshening Up a Dated Website

4 Tips for Freshening Up a Dated Website

Cleaning and freshening up is part of life, so why not clean up your outdated website while you are at it?

For many customers and potential customers, there is no bigger turn off than an outdated website. Whether it is a lack of fresh content, stale photos and videos, or a combination of the two, an outdated website can be more harmful than you think – especially if you are trying to attract new customers.

If you are guilty of letting your website slide while you focus on other aspects of your business, you are not alone (Hi, have we met?); however, now is the time to focus on your website! Get rid of any dated materials and give your website a fresh look with new content, links, media, and whatever else it might take to uphold your professional image. You do not have to completely overhaul your website to do this; just a few seemingly minor changes can be very effective.

Here are some tips for making your website shine again:

  • Get rid of dated content. If you have a calendar, or an upcoming events and news page, there is a good chance that there is outdated material somewhere on your website. Start by updating your calendar, posting upcoming events, and sharing the latest company news, while taking down any information that is no longer relevant. By keeping outdated information up on your website, for long stretches of time, visitors may begin to think that you are neglecting your own website or that you are no longer in business. EEK!
  • Update your copyright date. This small symbol may not seem like it is worth updating, but visitors will notice when it is outdated. It is a simple fix that can be done in a matter of minutes, and it will keep the website looking fresh.
  • Fix any broken links. For many visitors, there are not a lot of things more frustrating than going to a website with broken links. One broken link might not be a killer, but several broken links and your vistors are going to get the wrong impression, fast. Take a few minutes to browse through every link on your website, updating or removing any broken ones in the process, and adding newer, more relevant links if necessary.
  • Update your profile page. Your personal bio or company’s “About Us” page is one of the first places visitors will go to, especially if they are searching for more information about you or your company. As your business continues to evolve and expand, so should your “About Us” page. Let visitors know about any recent company changes, and any significant upcoming events or opportunities. A good idea is to turn your webpage into a story that is full of details – make sure those details will entice readers from beginning to end.

For many of us, updating our website can seem like a grand project; however, these small steps are things you can do to keep your website looking fresh within a matter of minutes. Who doesn’t have time for that?

BONUS TIP! Add new testimonials. Fresh and updated testimonials are a super quick way to add new content to your site that is relevant to new potential customers. They’ll be able to see the great work your are still doing.