4 reasons why you might need a new website

4 reasons why you might need a new website

When was the last time you completely overhauled your site?

The general rule of thumb is you should completely revamp at least the look of your site every three years, and possibly the functionality every five years. If you can’t remember when the last time you completely revamped your website was, then that is a good indication that it may be time for a redo, simply because technology and design trends have probably changed significantly since then.

Your website is old, outdated and not useful to visitors.

Do you cringe when you look at your own site? Are you embarrassed to show people your web site? If you don’t like to visit your own website, nobody else does either. You need an updated website that gets results.

Don’t be persuaded to stick with a website because of all the “added features.” Many business owners admit to never even using the billions of features offered by some website companies. The main things you need are a great, streamlined presence, a sticky website with good content and a stellar lead capture form. Get these features with our WordPress Websites, and you will never look back.

You want to use the latest, greatest, lead generation tools.

Think of your website as the palm of your hand, and your fingers as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. These “social” sites funnel people through to YOUR WEBSITE. It is on your Website that your prospects can get to know you better, and even fill out a form to get some type of free information. Once you have the email address of your prospect, you can connect with them through a value-added email newsletter campaign. It’s all about pulling people closer to you through your lead funnel.

You want to strengthen your brand recognition online and off.

One of the ways we help our clients when we take over a website project, is to help with branding for the web. Branding online with the web and social media is different today. What you do today is different from what was done just a few years ago. If you want to strengthen your brand, a great way to do it is by building an awesome website, with a lead form above-the-fold to capture the email address of your visitors.