4 more reasons why you might need a new website

4 more reasons why you might need a new website

You want to optimize your website for SEO and Social Media.

Are you sick of having a website that doesn’t perform? Looking for ways to generate leads on a regular basis? Want to find how to best get to the top of Google? All of these are great reasons for building a new site. After all, many of the older sites are 100% invisible to Google, and don’t feed through Facebook, Twitter and the other sites the way it should.

Much can be said about good SEO in terms of getting your site on search engines, but it actually doesn’t require a lot of work for you to make certain things happen that are favorable for SEO.

If you are virtually nowhere on search engines, then it may be time for a new website to help boost your SEO and search engine visits. Since most people will find you through a Google search than directly typing in your URL (for most websites), playing nice with search engines so that they will find you and put you in their results will go a long way with getting visitors to come to your site. It is up to you to make your visitors stay, however, through fresh content and a nice looking site.

You also might want to integrate your social media profiles, including, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google +. The older websites weren’t built for the social web and aren’t as conducive to integration. It’s a good idea to get a website that works with the World Wide Web today so that you can be where your customers need you.

The Information on Your Website is Out of Date (and You Can’t Change It Yourself)

When was the last time you updated your site? If the answer is because it is hard to update, then determine why this is. Is it because you just don’t have time or you don’t have the knowledge? If you just don’t have the time then you should look to find time to help keep your site updated (because an updated site keeps visitors coming back AND keeps Google coming back to index it). If you find that you just don’t know how, then this could be a sign that your site needs a revamp.

You need to keep your site updated and fresh and if that is difficult to do now, then take some time to evaluate why.

In this day and age there’s absolutely no reason for you to have to go to your web developer to fix a typo, update an address, or refresh the copy. This is where WordPress-based sites shine. Their built-in content-management system makes updating a breeze.

You are expanding your reach for your existing business.

Perhaps you have a fresh burst-of-energy, and new momentum for getting out there and making things happen. You may want to grow your business, expand or generate leads for more than just yourself. Strengthening the power of your web presence is a no-brainer way to increase production and get a good return on your investment. Adding things to your repertoire such as a brand new, cutting-edge website and content-filled blog will increase your web real estate, attract new customers and bolster your credibility… A new website can help take you to the next level.

You want to blog, but you can’t without WordPress.

Today’s WordPress Websites are built with both a web pages and blog posts combined. You can blog to your heart’s desire, all in one convenient, easy-to-use dashboard. You may want to get a free blog at blogger, but that would defeat your purpose when it comes to marketing your business, because it’s much better to own your own, rather than squatting on a free blog site.